About Me

Hey everyone, I am Albert and I have been a “nature fanatic” over the past 10 years.

During this time I have understood how nature offers its own natural music.

The reason I created this site was to help folks like you enjoy nature through relaxing sounds… these nature sounds are

This nature relaxing sounds are helpful for relax, to sleep better, study or simple enjoy a personal relax time.

So now to me…

I am currently 43 years old. And I love nature… I’ve been suffering from insomnia and nature relaxing sounds has helped me a lot… but most importantly I enjoy so much creating this videos and I want to share them with you .

Anyways, I wish you all the best, relax and sleep better I hope this nature sounds can help if you suffer from insomnia. 🙂



Founder of  Nature Relaxing Sounds
email. info@naturerelaxingsounds.com