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There are some times during the day where we simply want to gradual down and relax for a couple of minutes. Thankfully, nature give us relaxation gifts that with just listen to the nature in a variety of different  ways we can relax. And nature sounds like; river, forest, ocean waves, gentle rain or rain with thunder can benefit our health in many ways.

These nature sounds are so great because they provide us white noise which is an natural brain wave frequency which is an a safe for sleeping, headaches and insomnia.

When listening to natural sounds, the brain connectivity detects interest instead of artificial sounds and the environment affects in a positive way the body and the mind.

River Sound 

For example river sounds are healing maybe you live in the city and is not possible for you enjoy this relaxing nature sound as more often as you like, but here you will have the opportunity listening this beautiful nature sound.

Serious studies has proven that river sounds decrease secretion of cortisol which is the stress hormone.

Ocean Waves Sound 

Every time we want deeply relax the majority of times we think in the ocean… and it’s not surprise the ocean sound has a special sound that makes us be quiet.

Everything in nature has its own frequency and ocean waves are not the exception, the ocean peak frequency ranges from 0.2 waves per second (12 per minute) up to 0.4 waves per second (24 per minute) that’s incredible!

Gently Rain Sound 

Another lovely nature relaxing sound is gentle rain some people like more this sound than a rainstorm but definitely there a huge variety of nature sounds that we can enjoy even rain with thunder.

Rain sound stimulates brain when we need to focus on activities like studying… if is heavy rain the brain will be more stimulated in solving mathematical problems what is really interesting.

Forest Sounds With Rain And Birds

Nature gives us so many gifts and forest sounds can be so relaxing it does not matter if is at day or night. Nature sounds can boost mood and decrease anxiety even reduce pain.

There is scientific evidence that natural sounds induce feelings of relaxation improving heart rate and mood states, everything connected to our cortex activity, autonomic nervous system…


As you can see there are many ways to deep relax with nature relaxing sounds… even people who suffer insomnia has found in nature sounds a relief for their stress and anxiety. Sounds of nature in a regular stage can be hypnotic, enjoyable, soothing and meditative. The mind waves of stress suddenly gradual down because the body becomes receptive to the natural sounds.

If you have any questions about nature relaxing sounds, let me know in the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out. 

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